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Conservatory Bases

Conservatory Bases

When building a conservatory base, great care has to be taken with dimensions and the "square" of the conservatory footing as these are critical if you are to achieve a first class job.The floor level of the existing property is also very important ,both of these issues are addressed by our tradesmen

We treat conservatory foundations exactly the same as house foundations when excavating and insert reinforcing mesh in the concrete as standard (specified or otherwise) to ensure a proper base to build from.
During the initial assessment of the conservatory base we try to match the existing  mortar as well as the brick to ensure the base looks as close a match to the house as possible. 

Self build conservatories are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the vastly overpriced "national conservatory builders"(no salesmens salary to pay) ,when this is the case we offer a full conservatory base building package which consists of all the elements required to get your conservatory base up to kit level,including all drainage.

So if you require a conservatory base builder in Scotland ,give us a try

you won't be disappointed